The Alexander Technique focuses on:

· Prevention of ailments that are cause for sick leave and work absenteeism
· Improvement of personal attitude and image
· Management and relief of stress

Back pain

Despite progress in medicine and ergonomics, the problem of back pain has been increasing faster than other grounds for sick leave. In fact, some of the measures taken to resolve it have made it worse because the ultimate causes of back pain are rarely to be found in disease or in the physiology of the human body but in harmful postural habits. Some chairs that give lumbar support, for instance, favour the atrophy of back muscles. When the cause of the trouble is a harmful postural habit at work, stop working and rest will give temporary relief but is no definite solution.

Communication skills

The Alexander Technique is a valuable tool for the development of communication skills because it increases self-confidence and improves image. In this regard, it should be pointed out that this technique is highly appreciated by stage performers and some politics.


The Alexander Technique helps you to break the vicious circle

vicious circle


For more on Alexander Technique, work absenteeism and its costs see the reports by the British Medical Journal (19.08.2008 and 11.12.2008) and this article.

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