imgWhat can I learn through the Alexander Technique?

How to be poised and stand tall without stiffness.
How to move gracefully and precisely with greater ease.
How to be alert and focused, and calm at the same time.
How to be active and energetic without excess effort or tension.

How is the AT different from other methods?

The understanding about yourself that you gain in Alexander lessons gives you the ability to maintain the benefits and improvements on your own.

Is it like Yoga, Pilates or T'ai Chi?

No, but it can give you a foundation of coordination and awareness that will greatly improve your performance and enjoyment of these activities.

How can the AT help me handle stress?

You learn how to moderate your response to pressure. It can help you to avoid getting wound up or tense, so that you feel more collected and can think more clearly.

Will it help me with my bad back?img

Back trouble is a frequent reason for having Alexander lessons. An increasing number of physiotherapists, osteopaths and general practitioners recommend the Alexander Technique to their patients for its preventative and self-help benefits.

Can the AT help me to be more present?

With the help of your Alexander teacher, you use non-judgmental self-observation to identify and make desired changes. Through lessons you increase your capacity to be aware and appropriately responsive moment by moment. You can then be more spontaneous, creative and effective.

How many lessons will I need?

As many as you need to get the results you want. It is useful to compare Alexander Technique lessons to learning a new skill like the piano, tennis or a language. You start to progress from the beginning, but to attain lasting benefit and skill it may take you a bit longer. The frequency of your lessons will also affect your rate of progress.

Do I need to find a teacher who is specialized in my field of interest?

No. The skills you need to learn are the same no matter what your reason for taking lessons. The AT's principles and processes are basic to all activity. Nevertheless, teachers may have a special field in which they apply AT, out of their personal interest or history. You may eventually enjoy visiting such teachers if they are available in your area, but it is not a requirement for getting benefit.

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